Wild Thyme - Thymus polytrichus

Wild Thyme - Thymus polytrichus is a member of the Lamiaceae or Mint family, Wild Thyme is often found growing in dense mats which can produce a wonderful fragrance when walked upon.

Wild Thyme is found on chalk downs, meadows with short grass, heaths, among rocks or dry stone walls and sometimes among sand dunes. Wild Thyme is seen with beautiful pale pink - purple - lilac flowers between May and September. Likes lots of light and grows well on poor soil.

They can be eaten cooked or raw, they are delicious when fresh. Wild Thyme leaves, just like common thyme, are perfect for seasoning barbecues, gravy, fish and even infusions.

  • Pretty Flowers
  • Likes lots of sun
  • Thrives on poor soil
  • Native to the UK