Oxeye Daisy - Leucanthemum vulgare

The Oxeye Daisy (Leucanthemum vulgare) is a perennial and produces large white flowers with golden eye centres, growing to 50-100cm during May-October. A meadow, pasture or grassed area within the garden blooming with Oxeye Daisies is one of the prettiest sites in the summer months. 

Oxeye Daisies prefer grassland but will grow on poor soils. Hence they are often seen growing on grass verges. They are a very pretty wildflower attracting bees and butterflies. Available now for planting.

RHS Perfect for Pollinators in Summer.

  • Plant in wet, dry and open grassland
  • Likes most well drained soils
  • Attract wildlife
  • Native to the British Isles

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