Oak Truffle Tree

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An Oak (Quercus robur) tree that can grow truffles! This magnificent and beautiful Oak tree has been inoculated with the UK Summer Truffle (Tuber aestivum var.uncinatum). The rare gourmet truffle fungi grows on the roots of Oak trees. 

With the right care and conditions, you may be lucky enough to find truffles in as little as 3 years from planting! The UK Summer Truffle natural habitat is shady woodland although the trees can be grown in shady or open areas. Ideal pH for Truffles is 7.3 -8.0 but if the soil is acidic you can plant the truffle tree in a pot or add lime to the soil. 

The Oak truffle tree is best planted directly into the ground but can also grow for several years in a pot on a balcony or patio. This truffle tree comes with full planting and growing instructions. Current height of the tree is 30-60cm.A magnificent and beautiful tree, the English or Pendunculate Oak reaches 10ft within 10 years. It is easy to grow and produces the classic shaped leaf and acorns.

Often referred to as the "King of the Trees" as is a much loved symbol of strength and duration. In folklore the Oak was sacred to Greek, Roman and Celtic gods who had the power over thunder and lightning so was no coincidence that the Oak (being often the highest tree) would be struck by thunder and lightning.

Each truffle tree gift is presented with your own personal message and planting instructions.

  • Plant in wet, dry, open and shady sites
  • Likes most fertile soils
  • Attracts squirrels and wildlife
  • Native to the British Isles
  • Harvest UK Summer Truffles

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