Cedar of Lebanon Trees - Cedrus lebiani

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The Cedar of Lebanon is a well recognised evergreen conifer that will be a stately addition to your garden. It is considered to be one of the true cedars and is the species that is the best at tolerating cold temperatures found in the UK. Any Downton Abbey afficionados will recognise the wonderful specimen tree in front of Highclere Castle where it is filmed.

This beautiful evergreen is known as the Cedar of Lebanon or Lebanon cedar. The name comes because one place that it is found is in the forests of Lebanon, on the east coast of the the Mediterranean Sea..  The Cedar of Lebanon grows to 40-70 feet tall and 30-60 feet wide, but it can be over 100 feet tall and 80 feet wide.  Likes acidic soil and full sun location. Makes a very popular bonsai tree.

 The current height of the trees is approximately 20-40cm and they can be planted out all year round.

  • Beautiful specimen tree
  • Evergreen - year round colour
  • Plant in acidic soils
  • Like full sun location
  • Great for bonsai