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Sitka Spruce Trees - Picea stichensis

The Sitka Spruce (Picea stichensis) tree is a vigorous evergreen tree growing at rates of up to 1m per year up to 60m in height.

Needles of the Sitka Spruce are long, thin and sharp dark green above and blue green below. Widely grown as a timber tree in British upland foresty, Sitka spruce has proved a valuable tree for many rural communities since its large scale planting early in the 20th century.

Sitka requires plenty of moisture and thrives in the wetter areas of western Britain where conditions resemble those of its native home on the west coast of America. The white or pale brown wood is light but strong and it has long fibres for paper making.

The current height of these trees is approximately 15-30cm and they can be planted out all year round.

  • Plant in wet, dry, open and shady sites
  • Likes most moist soils
  • Fast growing evergreen
  • Native to North West USA and Western Canada

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