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Wild Cherry Tree Gift

The Wild Cherry (Prunus avium) tree grows rapidly and to greater size than most other Cherry trees, up to approximately 25m. It prefers clay soils over chalk and is a common component in beech woods.

In spring there is an abundance of pretty white blossom attracting bees and insects. The fruits are usually dark red and may be sweet or sour when ripe and if not harvested will attract birds.  In ancient Scottish folklore the Wild Cherry had mystical qualities and to encounter one was considered fateful and auspicious.

The current height of this tree is approximately 10-20cm an can be planted out all year round. Delivered in a jute drawstring bag with your own special message.

RHS Perfect for Pollinators in Spring.

  • Plant in wet, dry, open and upland locations
  • Like most well drained soils
  • Attracts wildlife
  • Pretty garden tree
  • Beautiful white blossom
  • Native to the British Isles

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