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Soft Rush - Juncus effusus

Soft rush (Juncus effusus), a native sedge, is found on boggy and peaty soil, in and around ponds and wetlands. Also known as Common Rush. Soft Rush has smooth green stems that can be peeled back to produce a pith. This was traditionally soaked in fat and used as a wick in household lamps. 

The current height of these plants are approximately 10-20cm. Available now for planting.

If you are looking to plant up a pond or wetland area or create a reedbed, read our Planting Guide for Wildlife Ponds & Reedbeds

  • Plant in wet, open and upland sites
  • Likes most wet soil types
  • Found around ponds, lakes, lochs, marshes and wetlands
  • Native to the British Isles

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