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Purging Buckthorn - Rhamnus cathartica

Also known as Buckthorn or Common Buckthorn, it is a native shrub to much of Britain, Purging Blackthorn grows to a height of 16ft (5m). It is a common shrub or small tree in hedgerows and woodland on chalk soils.

It is only when the black, sharp-flavoured berries are borne on the female tree that the buckthorn becomes conspicuous. Berries are a good source of food for birds and wildlife. It can tolerate a certain amount of shade. Caterpillars of the Brimstone Butterfly feed on the buckthorn.

The current height of these plants are approximately 15-30cm and they can be planted out all year round.

  • Native to UK
  • Likes chalk soil
  • Shrub or small tree
  • Attracts birds and insects

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