Trees to Plant - Supplier of Tree Seedlings, Shrubs and Hedging Plants in the UK

August 01, 2017

Trees to Plant - Supplier of Tree Seedlings, Shrubs and Hedging Plants in the UK

Welcome to Trees to Plant! We are a dedicated one stop shop and website for supplying the best range of UK native tree seedlings, hedging plants and shrubs for delivery in the UK. All our tree saplings, shrubs and plants are cell grown (in seed trays) so can be planted any any time of the year! We would always recommend keeping any newly planted seedlings moist if dry for prolonged periods. From October through to March apart from an initial water when planting it should not be necessary to water though we would recommend if unduly dry.

Our tree saplings and plants take seconds to plant - no big holes required! When planting we would recommend using some sort of tree shelter such as a Tubex Ecostart or Easy Wrap or Spiral for young trees as will protect from wind and rabbits etc and encourages vertical growth. A tree shelter will also suppress grass and weeds growing around the base of the sapling you have planted which will mean less unwanted competition for water and nutrients which over any period should encourage a higher growth rate. We also supply Shrub Shelters which are wider and work much the same way but are more suitable for shrubs allowing them space to grow out as well as up!

Tree shelters are usually pushed off by the tree trunk when they are no longer required though if you are growing a hedge you may want to use spirals which will allow the lower branches to protrude otherwise using a solid tree shelter will result in a lollipop type hedge where there is very little at the base. If you do use solid tree shelters for a hedge we would advise removing after a year so that you get growth at the bottom of the hedge.